In S3 Group we strive to build businesses that deliver outstanding value to our customers.

We are passionate about building innovative technology-based solutions that address challenges in the high-growth markets of multi-screen video services and connected healthcare.
In our semiconductor solutions business we are building systems on silicon to deliver transformational performance and cost advantages to our customers in the communications, consumer, industrial control and energy sectors.

In our Connected Health business we can also see a number of long-term trends. The mega-trend is the aging and longevity of populations coupled with the rising trends in chronic diseases for example diabetes. This is leading to continued escalating healthcare costs. In our Connected Health business we are looking at new models of connected, patient-centric care for chronic diseases, drug adherence and clinical trials. Our diverse team of business, clinical, regulatory and technology experts are developing connected health solutions for leading health care providers, pharma and medical device companies to connect people to their medicine and care providers.

In our Semiconductor Solutions business we bring the transformative power of silicon technology to deliver cost, functionality and performance improvements for our customer’s products and systems. Uniquely we have a combination of intellectual property, system-on-chip, analogue and system engineering expertise to develop these solutions. Our silicon designs and intellectual property are in volume production in many applications including satellite communications, energy systems, consumer electronic devices, industrial controls and wireless networking products.

At the core of all of this enterprise are our people. Our people are highly-skilled, motivated, customer and solution centric. We continuously strive to understand customer and market challenges in our chosen focus industries and from this understanding we strive to bring relevant and value-creating solutions to our customers.

In S3 Group we take quality very seriously. S3 Group is an ISO9001 certified company. In addition our Connected Health business is ISO13485 certified (under certificate number MD600575), which is the international standard for quality management systems for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

I would encourage you to explore our website and please contact us with feedback and any information requests you may have.

John O’Brien

Chief Executive Officer