Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Firstly, thanks for your interest! Each of our Job Vacancies has an “apply here” link at the footer of its page. Please send us your details using this form, and this will ensure a prompt response.

Should I include a Cover Letter?

This is not essential at all. It will neither help or hinder your application, but additional information and context that is not already on your résumé document is welcome.

When will I hear back from you?

Our system will not send you generic, automated replies. When we have reviewed your application we will respond in detail as to how we will proceed. This process may take up to 2 weeks, though we aim to turnaround applications more promptly than this. See the Recruitment Process section for more detail on how we select candidates.

I think I have a lot to offer S3 Group, but there is no vacancy listed that fits me right now?

S3 Group would welcome any speculative applications; please send a message to and we can start a discussion about how you can contribute.

Alternately, S3 Group attends many of our industry trade shows; please do keep an eye out for us at IBC, ANGA COM, or CES, and one of our panellists would be happy to talk to you about opportunities with us.

Do you have an Intern Placement Program?

Yes. If you are currently studying and are interested in a placement / internship with S3 Group, please contact your University’s careers Manager or Placement Officer and they can contact S3 Group regarding getting involved with our intern program.

These are typically of 6 months duration, and form part of the formal completion requirement of your course of study.

Do you have a Graduate Placement program?

S3 Group takes in a number of graduates from local universities on an annual basis. Our preference is to fill our graduate positions via our intern program, however if you have recently graduated, please send a message to and we will be in touch!

Can someone I know refer me into S3 Group?

Employee led referrals and hires are key to our acquisition of new talent. We reward our employees for supporting the growth of our business through finding us new talent, and we welcome these as they arise.

Each of our vacancies posted includes a LinkedIn icon. When you click on it, it will show you those in your LinkedIn network who work here at S3 Group.

How long do people typically stay at S3 Group?

At S3 Group we take care to recruit for the long term – positions are filled with care and with an eye to a long term working relationship that is mutually rewarding for S3 Group and new employees, be they graduates or experienced specialists.

See our “meet our team” section for more insights into what it is like to work in S3 Group.

Does S3 Group Sponsor visa or work permit applications to work in any of your locations.

Yes, our HR team is happy to support this process for successful candidates, up to and including the cost of the application itself.

Should I use a Recruitment Agency or should I contact you directly?

S3 Group is happy to use selected recruitment agents for specific roles. If you feel that you have something to offer S3 Group, please contact us directly using the forms linked above.

How can I let you know I’m interested in working with S3 Group in the future?

If you visit our “Linked In Careers” page, you can connect with us. This way we can send you a note when a position that fits your interest opens up. Just let us know how to contact you, and we’re happy to make it easy for you to hear from us!