Recruitment Agencies

Does S3 Group Work with Recruitment Agencies?

Yes. Recruitment agencies form a key part of our recruitment activity, and we work hard to select a small number of agencies to work with and we work equally hard at maintaining good relationships with these agencies.

Given the diverse nature of our recruiting needs we operate a preferred supplier listing on a per role basis.

How does an Agency get on the S3 Group Supplier List for a given role?

The HR team regularly reviews our agency supplier list, both in terms of performance, and in terms of how competitive their terms and conditions are.

Should you wish to work with S3 Group please contact us via and introduce yourself!

Does S3 Group work with Temporary (short term staffing) agencies?

Yes. Our HR team uses a small number of these to cover short term staffing needs usually in the support or administration functions.

Should  you wish to work with S3 Group please contact us via

Does S3 Group work with Contracting Specialists agencies?

Yes. S3 Group on occasion may require a short term technical role be filled on a contract basis.

Is it ok for recruitment agents to contact a hiring manager directly?

All recruitment activity for S3 Group must be routed through the Human Resources team in the first instance. Attempting direct contact with our already busy management team is not an appropriate channel and may result in removal from our preferred supplier listing.

Say we want to submit a great resume to S3 Group?

It is rare that an unsolicited resume sent on-spec to our HR team leads to either hiring that candidate, or establishing a working relationship with the agency sending it.

We are happy to work with recruiting agencies who put time into introducing themselves directly and who can prove they will compete with others in terms of responsiveness, fees, and time to hire.

We regularly meet with new agencies on-site and welcome any who wish to contact us to arrange a short introductory meeting.

How do you like to work?

Over the last 10 years our HR team have found that recruitment agencies who meet most of the following criteria are the most successful:

Know our Industry: S3 Group operates in 3 quite different industries; the semiconductor, the healthcare, and the digital TV industries, all having differing requirements. Our successful agencies have proven to be familiar with the people requirements of each.

Know our Business: Each of our business units working within the industries above have varied offerings in terms of products, services and consultancy provision. We need each agency that aims to hire our staff to be up to speed with all the areas that our future employees will be working in.

Know our Positions: The main factor in agencies being removed from our supplier listing, is poor hit-rate. This is usually caused by not being familiar with the requirements for each role that we recruit for. Our HR Team organises in depth briefings between the hiring manager and the agency for every role, so we expect the level of candidate that comes through reflects the effort we put into ensuring the agency knows what we require.

Know our Process: S3 Group’s interview process is lean and effective. We feel candidates for our positions appreciate the short interview process and prompt feedback. See our Recruitment Process section for more information.

Feedback: At S3 Group we recognise that prompt and clear communication to our agencies is key to establishing a good working relationship and in securing key hires. Our HR team is committed to ensuring we provide information to you the agency as quickly as possible.

We look forward to working with you!