Our Recruitment Process

I’ve Sent S3 Group My Application, What Happens Next?

What happens next is dependent on a number of factors; the type of role, the number of applicants we have received, and what recruitment strategy we have decided is appropriate for each role.

After your CV has been screened by a recruitment agency, our HR Team, and the Hiring Manager, the selection process will then involve some or all of the following.

Pre-Interview Telephone Meeting

This is usually just a short chat with the hiring manager to further assess your suitability for a position with S3 Group. A second screening call may sometimes be necessary, particularly if you are currently located overseas.


If we decide to interview you for a role and you are currently based abroad, S3 Group will organise, book, and pay for all travel related expenses including flights and accommodation. Where visa permission may be required our HR team will assist as much as possible.


In S3 Group we prefer not to drag out our interview process over multiple days and weeks and through several potentially repetitive interviews. Your interview with us will usually take place over the course of one day, where at a minimum you will have a meeting with Human Resources, 2 technical interviews lead by 2 senior employees, and a shorter meeting with the hiring manager and/or the head of the Business Unit.

Technical Testing

This may range from simple technical queries posed in the interview itself, to detailed pre-prepared technical demonstrations to showcase your talent.

While the majority of our roles are filled using the above process, for certain roles we will also utilise some combination of the following:

Personality testing

For some roles we may opt to complete a personality profile, to determine your likely fit for both the role and your potential team mates. We engage with a number of external consultants to deliver these to ensure they are managed consistently and professionally.

On site presentation

Some roles may require a non-technical, pre-prepared presentation to be delivered to the interview panel. The panel takes on a number of roles (customer, manager, etc) and plays out certain scenarios to determine how prepared you would be for both internal and external customer interactions.


Clear and honest feedback is central to our recruitment philosophy. If we decide that we cannot hire you at this time we are committed to giving you our honest reasons for not proceeding with your application. Our recruitment needs may be more closely aligned with your own at some point in the future, and we do what we can to ensure any future contact from us would be welcomed by you at that time.

Naturally, the best type of feedback is that which says we would like you to join our team! Should that be the case the following will happen.

Informal References

Our Human Resources department will coordinate using our network of contacts in the industry to determine whether you would be a good fit for our team. This type of reference, where given, is treated with the strictest of confidence.

Formal References

Our HR team will then follow up with the references supplied by you as part of your original application.

The Offer

Our Human Resources Department will then be pleased to send you details of the offer of employment, following which a mutually agreed start date with S3 Group will be determined.

What About When I Start?

In S3 Group the recruitment process does not end with your signature on a contract. We take great care to ensure that new employees are given all the information and tools to do their job from day one, and we have tailored an induction process that facilitates this. Your first days and weeks will be laid out for you in detail, with team introductions, training schedules and social events all calendared from day one.

Good luck!