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S3 Connected Health solutions can be rapidly deployed, delivering improved engagement, adherence, persistence and insights from patient generated real-world data




Connected Health has a different meaning and value to the different stakeholders.

At S3 Group we recognize the uniqueness of every service and support it through our “Connected Health Service Design Process”. This process ensures that a planned service meets the needs of all stakeholders including payers, service commissioners, clinicians, patients and service delivery staff.

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You plan to build a global or national connected health platform that will deliver the best treatment outcomes and value for your patients and payers across a range of therapeutic areas by seamlessly coordinating the activities of a diverse set of clinical, non-clinical and patient stakeholders.

To achieve this, you need to address a wide range of service requirements through the lens of a diverse set of users and stakeholders. You need to employ S3 Group’s Service Design Process.

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Integrated data warehousing and analytics enable us to create insightful and actionable data. Using this data we can understand patient and clinician behaviours; predict and demonstrably improve outcomes; and identify service delivery inefficiencies.

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Solutions development involves defining the set of technologies required to deliver the connected health services. S3 Group has developed a sophisticated solution development process and platform that shortens the time-to-market for Connected Health services, solutions and products. Our ISO-13485 certificated quality management process ensures we deliver solutions that will meet the regulatory requirements in your target territories.

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