ASIC Solutions that Sense, Control and Connect

We design and supply trusted Analog-Mixed Signal ASIC solutions that achieve significantly lower cost, higher performance and product differentiation.

Our Customers are leading OEM, Operator and Semiconductor companies in the Satellite Communications, Industrial Control and Consumer markets.

We have 30-year track record and extensive relationships in the Semiconductor industry.

Our core expertise is our experienced people who deliver project and supply chain management, analog-mixed signal and RF design, leading data converter intellectual property and the ability to architect compelling economic and technical solutions for our customers.

We deliver ASIC solutions that sense, control and connect their environment.

S3 Semiconductor Solutions is an ISO9001 qualified business.

S3 Group ASIC


A fully integrated low-power industrial control solution that incorporated precision data-converters for sensing, an ARM core for processing and control, in addition to industrial modems for communication.


Direct Conversion L-Band Transceiver

A direct conversion transceiver IC designed for satellite handsets and data modem applications. The device directly converts the satellite signals from an antenna to baseband using a broadband I/Q down converter. The operating frequency range extends from 925MHz to 2175MHz. The IF bandwidth is over 100MHz

Applications Satellite Communications 2

Multi-Mode Multi-Band Cellular Receiver

A HSPA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM Receiver device, contains 8 tuned LNAs from 800MHz to 2.2GHz. Incorporating high performance IP2 calibration, enabling a SAW-less receiver, this was a dual Analog Baseband which was optimized for low flicker noise and high bandwidth respectively.

iStock_000004342149Medium_consumer Mobility

Integrated Power Management IC for Auto Infotainment

Targeting applications that require integrated power control of multiple power domains, this PMIC incorporates multiple DC-DC converters, Linear regulators, auxiliary power and clocking in addition to a fully programmable power controller.

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