from Infotainment Devices to ABS to Engine Management SoCs, we can tailor silicon solutions to your needs


S3 Group is an expert in integrating wireless interfaces and power management solutions into your Infotainment Devices. In addition we have expertise in design and integration of ABS & Engine Management SoCs. Our solutions leverage from our portfolio of MS-IP that provides optimised performance.

Communication AFE's

Check out our optimised AFE's for your infotainment systems

Communication AFE's

IP Products

Our communication AFE IP is optimised for cellular (LTE-A and legacy), Wifi (802.11ac and legacy), Satellite and DVB standards. Our sensing IP includes highly efficient, high resolution data convertors for all motion and environmental sensing needs. Our Power Management IP together with our Clocking IP complete the MS-IP needs for any car Infotainment platform.


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