Our Supply Chain

S3 Semiconductor Solutions is your one stop shop for both ASIC development and production. We offer the entire continuum from concept definition, through ASIC design to delivery of fully tested ASICs, to mass production.


S3 Group’s long-standing relationship with TSMC continues to enable our mutual customers to develop optimised semiconductor solutions driven by our design expertise and leveraging from our large portfolio of Mixed-Signal IP across the numerous TSMC technology nodes.

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ARM® Physical IP Platforms deliver process optimized IP, for best-in-class processor implementations. These platforms are comprised of logic libraries, memory compilers and interface IP. Collectively, they provide a powerful suite of design alternatives, offering System-on-Chip (SoC) designers the ability to balance performance, power, area and manufacturability throughout the design process. ARM leadership in microprocessor architectures, coupled with its Physical IP Platform, delivers optimal SoC designs and reduces time-to-market.

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Global Foundries

Creating Optimal Solutions through collaboration, S3 Group and GLOBALFOUNDRIES, collaborate to deliver optimal semiconductor solutions that address our mutual customers’ application specific design challenges.

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S3 Group collaborates with SMIC in creating high-performance, best-in-class data converters for consumer applications in technology nodes from 40nm to 28nm, enabling our mutual customers to develop ultra-low power, cost effective optimised SoCs for consumer and mobile markets.

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Open Silicon

S3 Group’s long standing relationship with Open-Silicon has delivered silicon success for multiple generations of custom ASIC solutions in the communications industry. As a semiconductor manufacturing company, Open-Silicon enables S3 Group to leverage the quality IP, foundry, test and packaging technologies, to build the best possible custom silicon solutions for our customers.

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eSilicon, the largest independent semiconductor Value Chain Producer (VCP), enables S3 Group provide a comprehensive productization and manufacturing service, to our customers enabling a flexible, low-cost, lower-risk path to volume chip production. Their semiconductor manufacturing services, package design & test development enable delivery of custom ICs to our OEM customers through a fast, flexible, lower-risk, automated path to volume production.

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DELTA is a longstanding partner in enabling S3Group deliver a one-stop-shop for design, manufacture and supply of Custom ASIC solutions. With more than 70 years of experience Delta has extensive expertise in development of technology driven products within sectors such as health and welfare technology, climate, energy and the environment. Every year helping more than 2,000 customers worldwide with their product development process from product idea, product extreme testing to product launch. DELTA is a highly reputable international company and part of GTS – Advanced Technology Group approved by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.

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