Digital Design and Verification

One of the most advanced SoC Design & Verification Flows, ensures first time right success


S3 Group has delivered more than 1,000 successful SoC & FPGA designs over the last quarter of a century, on FPGA, structured ASIC and SoC technologies down to 28nm. Our world-class SoC Architects are recognised for their ability to reduce per unit cost and NRE while delivering on target specifications.

Working with the top IDM and fabless companies for nearly three decades we have built an unrivalled view of leading edge methodologies and risk reducing processes for complex designs.

Why work with us?

Partnering with us will allow you to focus on your application and product differentiators while you can rely on S3 Group to take care of all aspects of SoC design and verification. This will ensure that you bring the most competitive product to market, on time and with the lowest possible risk of re-spin.

ARM Based SoC

The design of a Software Defined Radio SoC, based on a dual ARM Cortex-A4™ architecture which integrated a novel acceleration engine for SDR. In addition to proprietary customer IP, multiple 3rd party IP cores were integrated, with an advanced low power approach which implemented over 30 programmable power islands. First time right silicon was ensured through the use of our proprietary UVM based verification methodology.

Digital Design

Set Top Box SoC

The worlds’ first designated design house for Toshiba Media Embedded Processors, delivering a complete HW and SW solution for NXPs STB SoC platform and receiving the TI supplier excellence award for design and verification work done on their leading edge platforms.

Digital Design and Verification