Semiconductor Solutions for OEMs

Delivering Product BoM cost reduction through custom semiconductor solutions


Our OEM Solutions offering allows OEMs and System Design firms to directly leverage the benefits of integration and optimize product value through:

  • New Product Development
  • Platform Development
  • BOM Cost Reduction

As process technology nodes advance, an opportunity is presented to OEMs with low and medium product volumes. Falling manufacturing costs, depreciated fabs, & increasing capacity on more mature nodes, coupled with the availability of high performance RF & Mixed Signal IP is enabling a new paradigm in Hardware and Product Innovation.

OEMs can now embark on custom ASIC developments to take advantage of higher levels of integration, realising significant BOM savings.
For decades, electronics product innovation has been incremental in nature, relying largely on the next generation of semiconductors to deliver performance improvement.

What has evolved is a “sit & wait” approach, to product innovation. However it is now clear that Moore’s law is slowing, and the implications are profound. OEM product teams can no longer “sit & wait” for performance improvement to be delivered by semiconductor companies, architecture becomes more relevant, it becomes feasible – even necessary, for product teams to develop their own custom ASICs.

Case Studies

The following are just two of the examples of custom ASIC solutions we have successfully developed for customers:

Power Management IC (PMIC)

Engaging with our OEM partner to develop from concept, a PMIC solution customised for their product platform, and which replaced several discrete regulators and controllers on their system, this device was taken from IC specification through integration, verification and silicon validation to deliver a volume production ready chip. The device integrated several discrete DC/DC controllers, LDOs enabling programmable voltage islands, Micro LDO, Bias circuits, Oscillator, ADC, and Temperature Sensors.


Satellite Modem, RF & Analog Front End ASIC

Engaging with our OEM partner initially on a Feasibility Analysis of the opportunity to manufacture high yielding, cost reduced products, this development ultimately delivered an RF ASIC, all the way from concept to volume manufacture.
The ASIC consisted a full range of transceiver functions, on the receiver side LNA, receive quadrature down-converting mixer, baseband variable gain amplifier, bandpass & image reject baseband filter for low IF, to meet interference rejection levels of +52dBc, and even higher in ‘channel’ interferers – within the bandwidth of the BPF. Tight group delay requirements and image rejection > 35db. On the transmit path an interpolating digital filter and DAC followed by bandpass filter which generated quadrature singles for single sideband up conversion. A transmit VGA with 30dB range, and a driver amplifier with +6dBm output power. Low output noise of -115dBc/Hz, at 6dBm output power, with low and sideband suppression of >30dB, ACPR >45dB and ACPR + 1 > 70dB.