RF & Wireless System Design

Integrated RF CMOS solutions optimized to your application


S3 Groups RF & Wireless System design solutions provide you with the opportunity to work closely with some of the industry leading RF CMOS design experts, to fully customise a solution based on your system needs. Leveraging a portfolio of RF & mixed signal IP and hundreds of years’ experience, enable our team take your idea from concept through to production parts.

Why work with us?

Partnering with us will allow you to focus on your application and product differentiators while you can rely on S3 Group to take care of all aspects of SoC design and verification. This will ensure that you bring the most competitive product to market, on time and with the lowest possible risk of re-spin.

Case Studies

The following are just some of the examples of RF devices we have successfully developed for customers:

Direct Conversion L-Band Transceiver

A direct conversion transceiver IC designed for satellite handsets and data modem applications. The device directly converts the satellite signals from an antenna to baseband using a broadband I/Q down converter. The operating frequency range extends from 925MHz to 2175MHz. The IF bandwidth is over 100MHz

Direct Conversion L-Band Transceiver-1

Multi-Mode Multi-Band Cellular Receiver

A HSPA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM Receiver device, contained 8 tuned LNAs from 800MHz to 2.2GHz. Incorporating high performance IP2 calibration, enabling a Saw-less receiver, this was a dual Analog Baseband which was optimized for low flicker noise and high bandwidth respectively.

Multi-Mode Multi-Band Cellular Receiver-1

802.11n Analog Baseband Processor

An Analog baseband processor device designed design to precise performance requirements, included a high order low pass filter with programmable bandwidth and precise filter tuning. A programmable gain range was incorporated at >50dB with 5-bit control, ensuring Input referred noise was <10nV / √Hz.

rf cmos-1