Semiconductor Design Services

Unparalleled Right First Time Record


S3 Group has delivered more than 1000 successful IC designs over the last quarter of a century, the most advanced process nodes, on FPGA, and structured ASIC. Our world-class SoC Architects are recognised for their ability to reduce per unit cost and NRE while delivering on target specifications.

Working with the top IDM and fabless companies since 1986, we have built an unrivalled process driven design methodology and risk reducing strategies for complex designs, all of which is encapsulated in our fully automated design environment.

Why work with us?

  • Hundreds of Staff years experience in leading edge process nodes
  • Experts consisting of system architects, design, layout & validation engineers, project managers and development support teams provide you with low risk, on time, on budget solutions
  • Over 1000 successful IC tapeouts over almost 30 years
  • Advanced, proven Design & Verification Methodologies ensuring right first time silicon