Semiconductor Solutions for Service Operators

Enabling Service revenue through innovative semiconductor solutions


For decades now electronics product innovation has been incremental in nature, relying largely on the next generation of semiconductors to deliver performance improvement. For over 30 years Moore’s Law has delivered 2x performance improvement (power or cost) in semiconductors every 18 months, outpacing any product system level innovation cycle that could be achieved by even the most ambitious hardware teams.

However it is now clear that Moore’s law is slowing, the Semiconductor industry is consolidating into a few huge players. The fabless model is under increasing strain favouring only the most massively distributed companies. Hardware product teams can no longer “sit & wait” for performance improvement to be delivered by semiconductor companies, as architecture is becoming more relevant, it becomes feasible,  even necessary, for product teams to develop their own custom ASICs.

Custom, highly integrated RF & mixed signal ASICs are reducing electronic product cost and opening new market opportunities, driven currently by the Internet of Things. In a recent research survey by VDC, more than 60% of Electronics Makers say the Internet of Things is already impacting their business models, enabling additional revenues through usage fees and bundling of cloud and cellular services.

The product volumes required to justify investment in a custom ASIC development have fallen dramatically as advanced manufacturing process nodes have come online making a custom ASIC a viable option for many applications traditionally thought of as niche.

Why work with us?

Partnering with us to develop custom ASIC solutions enable the development of new, innovative products capable of enhancing services revenue streams or generating entirely new services offerings. You focus on the application and product differentiators while you can rely on S3 Group to take care of all aspects of SoC design, verification, validation, product ramp and support. This will ensure that you bring the most competitive product to market, on time and with the lowest possible risk.

Case Studies

The following are just two of the examples of custom ASIC solutions we have successfully developed for customers:

Engaging with our OEM partner initially on a Feasibility Analysis of the opportunity to manufacture high yielding, cost reduced products, this development ultimately delivered an RF ASIC, all the way from concept to volume manufacture.

The ASIC consisted a full range of transceiver functions, on the receiver side LNA, receive quadrature down-converting mixer, baseband variable gain amplifier, bandpass & image reject baseband filter for low IF, to meet interference rejection levels of +52dBc, and even higher in ‘channel’ interferers – within the bandwidth of the BPF. Tight group delay requirements and image rejection > 35db. On the transmit path an interpolating digital filter and DAC followed by bandpass filter which generated quadrature singles for single sideband up conversion. A transmit VGA with 30dB range, and a driver amplifier with +6dBm output power. Low output noise of -115dBc/Hz, at 6dBm output power, with low and sideband suppression of >30dB, ACPR >45dB and ACPR + 1 > 70dB.