Faster, More Accurate Set-Top Box Screening

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    Accenture StormTest Decision Line

    The Set-Top Box (STB) has become a powerful and expensive consumer device, delivering video and interactive services to the home. Refurbished STBs can account for a significant proportion of deployed devices. The effective management of the after-market services for these assets has a major impact both on supply chain costs, and customer churn.

    Accenture StormTest Decision Line automates STB screening for returning devices. It uses advanced automation techniques to diagnose hardware faults and failures across cable, satellite and IPTV digital receivers. This ensures faulty STBs are not returned to the field, repair tasks are expedited, No Fault Found (NFF) devices are quickly returned to stock AND organizations have insights into the reliability of their STBs.


    Advanced A/V analysis detects faults not discernible by manual testing.

    • Tests all available A/V outputs
    • Custom A/V reference stream
    • Video quality analysis
    • Sophisticated A/V switch controls each interface

    AV Testing

    Rich set of testing functionality, customizable on a device by device basis, without requiring changes to the system.

    • Test Cycle Framework
    • Central repository of test logic
    • Reference images and colors
    • OCR


    Rugged design for the toughest operating conditions, maximum up-time, and ease of maintenance.

    • Front and rear loading
    • Automated warnings
    • Asynchronous test execution
    • High-quality (sacrificial) cables

    High Throughput- Rugged Design

    Speed-up analysis with role-specific insights.

    • Repair Technician dashboard
    • Facility Manager dashboard
    • Supply Chain Manager reports
    • Intuitive web-based application

    Role-based Reporting